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Always write from the heart, of course, but feel free to use this guide to help keep your vows a little more organized!

First, write about how much you love him/her:
What describes your feelings for your partner?
"What I love most about you is ____________________."
What about your partner inspires you?
Your ____________ has inspired me to ______________."

Then, write about something he/she has taught you and how it has forever changed you for the better:
When did you realize you were in love?
"I knew you were the one for me when _____________________."
What do you have now that you didn't have before you met?
"Before I met you, I ______________. Now, I __________________."
Has your worldview changed since you met?
"Because of you, I now see the world _________________________."
What do you miss when you're apart?
"You're such a part of me that when you're gone, I __________________."

Next, write about your future together:
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What about 50 years?
"As we grow old together, I look forward to ______________, laughing and ____________ as we ___________________."
"I look forward to _____________________ as we embark on ______________________.

Finally, write what you vow in your marriage:
What promises can you make that will affirm your devotion to each other?
"I promise to always _____________."
What traditional vows resonate with you? How can you personalize them?
"I promise to love an cherish you all the days of my life. I promise to walk the dog, even when its raining. I promise to __________________." These can be as funny as you like, and reflect roles you already have and things you already do in your relationship.